theme is: star wars day

(Working on photo quality; bear with me)

May the Fourth be with you (2 days ago). I had all the time in the world this year to create a casual Star Wars-inspired look and I waited until the morning of when I was running late for work. Thus, here we have “Jyn Erso” … kinda? I did zip to my hair and could care less about my contacts, added a scarf cuz that’s a thing Jyn does, put my Misfits vest over a frickin’ boring as t-shirt, Glassons ponte pants and my Docs. Do I own anything brown or beige? No. But I own lots of black and apparently grey so here’s my look inspired by Jyn’s badassery. Her scarf is much longer than mine but mine still works like her hood (even though I’d only ever make it one for a photo?).

My coworker noted that I looked very “New Yorker” so there’s that.


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